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  • Over 100,000 customers ordered before you

Tallas D-DW 400

    • Tallas D-DW 400 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Tallas D-DW 400 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Tallas D-DW 400 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Tallas D-DW 400 Submersible Dirty Water Pump

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    Tallas D-DW 400
    Seven-metre, 1" (25 mm) universal hose
    Fittings for 7m drain hose - 1" (25 mm)

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    Tallas D-DW 400

    $ 65.00

    Description of the Tallas D-DW 400

    Tip from Niels
    With the FREE 10m drain hose you can immediately start draining your space!

    Brief specifications

    • Pump capacity 8,400 litres per hour
    • Head rate 7 metres
    • Including free drain hose, immediately ready for use
    • Unique: highly reliable waste water pump, excellent price/quality ratio

    Pros and cons

    • Ideal dirty water pump for around the house
    • Very good value for money
    • Automatically switches on and off
    • Lightweight
    • The float switch floats freely, so may get stuck behind something

    The Tallas D-DW 400 is a high-quality, light but durable waste water submersible pump. The pump is both suitable for occasional use or for fixed placement in a basement, well or other area where clean or waste water must be automatically removed. The pump is very compact and can therefore be placed in small spaces (approx. 28 cm).

    The Tallas D-DW 400 also allows you to adjust the culvert on the pump grid. As a result, you can use the pump for just clean water or a combination of clean and waste water. Adjusting the culvert affects the remaining water level once the pump shuts down. The smaller the culvert on the pump grid, the less remaining water in the room.

    You can set the pump to automatically turn on at different water levels. The separate float switch cable can be attached at two places on the pump, allowing you to easily determine the level at which the pump powers on. Moreover, the pump's lever can be folded in and out as desired.

    • The pump outlet is 1.25". Our supplied hose can be attached directly to this.
    • The maximum submersion depth of the pump is 7 metres
    • The maximum head rate is 7 metres

    This pump has a float switch, which means it automatically switches on and off based on the water level.

    • Switches on automatically when the water reaches 28 cm
    • Switches off automatically when the water reaches 10-15 cm
    • On manual mode (when the float switch is fixed/held), this pump will pump the water to 5 cm

    Are you looking for a pump that leaves less water / switches on automatically sooner? In that case, you should choose a submersible utility pump.


    The Tallas brand has been around for many years, and has always focused on the consumer market. They have come up with some handy solutions, in particular for garden irrigation and ditchwater or rainwater use. Tallas is part of DAB, and therefore its pumps meet the same high standards, although lighter materials are often used, which makes a slight difference in quality. Tallas is particularly good at providing simple solutions, with which they equip their pumps as standard, and are ideal for many consumers. For example, a built-in pre-filter that protects the pump because it stops dirt from entering it, but also light garden pumps that are fitted with a handle and footrest. This makes them easy to move and immediately available for small irrigation jobs.

    Float for automatic activation / deactivation

    This submersible pump is fitted with a float, which ensures that the pump is switched on and off automatically. Each pump has its own variables relating to the level at which the pump switches on or off. Robust wastewater pumps usually have a high level of activation and deactivation. They will start operating relatively late and stop relatively soon, unlike puddle pumps, which switch on sooner and switch off later. Check the pump's specifications for these variables. There are three types of floats: a floating one, which is attached to a cable; a float arm; and an integrated float. The first type needs more space because it may float in any direction, while the float arm needs less space, as it only moves up and down, and generally has higher operational reliability. Finally, there is the internal float, which is integrated in the pump and therefore needs the least space. We see these internal floats mainly in puddle pumps, because they need to operate in small spaces.


    Types of water this product can pump


    Yield table

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    Specifications of the Tallas D-DW 400

    General information

    • - Tallas D-DW 400
      - 10m connection cable
      - 90 degree elbow fitting and manual
    • Tallas
    • 2 year warranty
    • 8059893093455

    Physical specifications

    • 1,25"
    • Technopolymer
    • 3,5 kg
    • 20,5 x 15 x 28,1 cm
    • 28 cm

    Technical information

    • 230 Volt
    • 440 Watt
    • 40°C
    • 10 metres
    • H05RN-F


    • Submersible pump
    • Drain a construction site, Drain a sump pit / tank / rain barrel, Drain flooded land
    • 8,400 litres per hour
    • 7 metres
    • 7 metres
    • 30 mm
    • On: 28 cm | Off: 10-15 cm
    • 5 cm (when the float switch is fixed/held)

    Types of water this product can pump

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    Accessories of the Tallas D-DW 400

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    Reviews of the Tallas D-DW 400

    tallas vuilwaterpomp

    ik ben heel tevreden over deze pomp en gemakkelijk aan te sluiten op afvoerslang die ik heb bijbestelt en werkt prima, heb er niets op aan te merken, doe zo verder goede kwaliteit lage prijs.
    | 5/24/2017 | Review by

    Light well

    We installed 2 of these pumps last week in our light wells of our recently purchased home. Fortunately enough, we could immediately try them out given the heavy rainfalls last week. Given that the water may occasionally include leaves etc., I set the pump grid culvert to the maximum. Very satisfied so far!
    | 1/14/2016 | Review by

    Feels sturdy, even though it's made of plastic

    I had my doubts given the pump's plastic build, but the pump feels sturdy and works perfectly. The included hose was easy to attach. Fast delivery.
    | 1/11/2016 | Review by
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    Frequently asked questions of the Tallas D-DW 400

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a float switch do and how does it benefit me?
    A float switch ensures that your pump automatically turns on or off at a certain water level. This is very convenient if you wish to use the pump in rooms that are regularly submerged. After all, when using a float switch, you won't have to manually turn the pump on or off every time there is water in the room. Moreover, the pump is also equipped with a float switch, which means it can be set to both automatic and manual operation modes.

    If I use the float switch, at what water level will the pump automatically turn on and off?
    You are completely free in deciding when the pump automatically turns on or off by fixing the float switch to a specific height on the pump. The minimum power on level is around 280 mm. The pump will automatically power off at a water level of 100 to 150 mm. In order to ensure that the room doesn't maintain a water level of 100 to 150 mm once the pump powers off, the pump is often placed in a small pit. This pit ensures that the pump is placed at a slightly deeper position in the room, ensuring continued pumping until a water level of 100 to 150 mm is reached in the pit. In this way, the rest of the room will be pumped dry and there will only be some remaining water in the pit.

    In what situations can I use this pump?
    You can use the pump in the following situations:

    • The draining of your basement and/or crawl space
    • As a permanent setup to automatically drain your basement/crawl space once a specific water level is reached
    • The draining of your basin
    • The draining of your pool
    • The draining of your pond or ditch
    • The draining of a construction well and other wastewater wells

    Can this pump be placed in small spaces?

    This pump requires a space with a minimal diameter of 28 centimetres. As a result, this submersible pump can be placed in almost any space.

    Is the pump delivered ready for use?

    Yes, this pump is supplied with all components required for direct use. The drain hose (which you can order from us) is equipped with the appropriate couplings that can be screwed onto the pump.

    Which items are included in the package?

    • Tallas D-DW 400
    • Cable connection (10 metres)
    • 90 degree elbow fitting
    • Manual
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    Manuals of the Tallas D-DW 400

    Click here for the Tallas D-DW 400 manual

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