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  • Over 100,000 customers ordered before you

TIP Maxima 18000

    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump

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    • 2 year warranty
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    Package 1: 20% discount on the accessoires

    TIP Maxima 18000
    Twenty-metre, 1.5" (40 mm) flat drain hose

    $ 178.00 $ 164.20

    Package 2: 25% discount on the accessoires

    TIP Maxima 18000
    Fifty-metre, 1.5" (40 mm) flat drain hose

    $ 248.00 $ 213.25

    Order only the TIP Maxima 18000 without accessories

    TIP Maxima 18000

    $ 109.00

    Description of the TIP Maxima 18000

    Tip from Niels
    This stainless steel waste water submersible pump is excellent value for money. Aimed at regular consumers.

    Brief specifications

    • Pump capacity 18,000 l/h
    • Delivery head 8 m
    • Solids up to 30 mm
    • Highly suitable for processing dirty/sandy water
    • Unique: price-quality ratio for the consumer

    Pros and cons

    • Stainless steel
    • Ideal dirty water pump for around the house
    • Excellent price-quality ratio
    • Switches on/off automatically
    • Drifting float, which may get caught behind things

    This is a powerful submersible dirty water pump that can be used to process large amounts of dirty water/wastewater with solids up to 30 mm.

    Water level

    This pump is fitted with a float switch, which means that it switches on/off automatically based on the water level.

    • Switches on automatically at a water level of 39 cm
    • Switches off automatically at a water level of 20 cm
    • In manual mode (fastening/raising the float), this pump drains water to a level of 5 cm.

    If you are looking for a pump that leaves less water/switches on automatically sooner, you can opt for a submersible puddle pump.


    • The hose that can be used for this device is 1.5" in diameter
    • The pump is produced in Germany and is therefore robust and sustainable
    • The pump's maximum submersion depth is 5 metres
    • Fitted with a vortex impeller for processing mud and dirt
    • Float for switching the pump on/off automatically; can also be used manually
    • Thermal overload protection; the pump switches off when overheated

    Contents of the kit

    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
    • Two connecting pieces
    • Adapter
    • Manual


    TIP is a German manufacturer, specialising in water pumps for consumers. They have a very interesting range of mainly Inox or stainless steel pumps, fully tailored to the consumer market. Their products range from high-capacity submersible pumps at highly competitive prices to good stainless steel borehole pumps for situations in which water needs to be pumped up from a level deeper than eight metres. Furthermore, TIP is very good at accommodating the consumer. For example, some pumps come with a kit designed to start up immediately, while others are fitted with handy features, such as a top outlet or a baseplate.

    Stainless steel / Inox

    In some situations, stainless steel, which is also called Inox steel, can be very handy, and is prescribed in particular with regard to drinking water. Drinking water must remain pure and may not contain corrosive elements, which is the reason that stainless steel is used. Furthermore, a stainless steel pump is also resistant to lime, which tends to stick to surfaces, but is not able to do so with smooth, stainless steel surfaces. Cast iron is usually the counterpart of stainless steel, but these pumps are prone to corroding and are therefore used mainly for irrigation. A final advantage of stainless steel is that it is lighter than cast iron and is therefore easier to move.

    Float for automatic activation / deactivation

    This submersible pump is fitted with a float, which ensures that the pump is switched on and off automatically. Each pump has its own variables relating to the level at which the pump switches on or off. Robust wastewater pumps usually have a high level of activation and deactivation. They will start operating relatively late and stop relatively soon, unlike puddle pumps, which switch on sooner and switch off later. Check the pump's specifications for these variables. There are three types of floats: a floating one, which is attached to a cable; a float arm; and an integrated float. The first type needs more space because it may float in any direction, while the float arm needs less space, as it only moves up and down, and generally has higher operational reliability. Finally, there is the internal float, which is integrated in the pump and therefore needs the least space. We see these internal floats mainly in puddle pumps, because they need to operate in small spaces.


    Types of water this product can pump


    Yield table

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    Specifications of the TIP Maxima 18000

    General information

    • - Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
      - Two connecting pieces
      - Adapter
      - Manual
    • TIP
    • 2 year warranty
    • 4011458301164

    Physical specifications

    • 1,5"
    • Stainless Steel
    • 6,9 kg
    • 20 x 17 x 36 cm

    Technical information

    • 230 Volt
    • 700 Watt
    • 35°C
    • 10 m
    • H07RN-F


    • Submersible pump
    • Drain a construction site, Drain a sump pit / tank / rain barrel, Drain flooded land
    • 18,000 l/h
    • 8 m
    • 5 m
    • 30 mm
    • On: 39 cm | Off: 20 cm
    • 5 cm (when the float switch is fixed/held)

    Types of water this product can pump

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    Versions of the TIP Maxima 18000

    Is this model too weak or too strong? Choose another model from the same series below.

    Product Pumpcapacity Head Price
    Maxima 250 SX Submersible Dirty Water Pump 14,500 l/h 8 m $129.00
    TIP Maxima 18000 18,000 l/h 8 m $109.00
    TIP Maxima 24000 24,000 l/h 9 m $169.00

    Accessories of the TIP Maxima 18000

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    Reviews of the TIP Maxima 18000

    Great pump

    Great, solid-looking pump that will last me for years. Thank you for the speedy delivery.
    | 7/23/2017 | Review by

    decent pump

    Super fast delivery. Excellent price/quality ratio. One negative is that the float switch didn't respond as expected. In the end I had to cover it with two pieces of foam. It now works as expected.
    | 6/13/2017 | Review by

    great pump

    the pump works great. Extremely fast! Delivery was also very fast. Nothing but praise from me.
    | 5/26/2016 | Review by

    DAB pump with built-in float switch

    This is an excellent pump; high quality! The float switch can be easily cleaned without any additional tools, which is very convenient.
    | 1/3/2016 | Review by

    Great service, excellent product

    Immediate got a person on the line and no stupid music tape! Subsequently ordered the pump and received it the next day. Great service and a fine product. Highly recommended!
    | 8/24/2015 | Review by

    Maxima 18000 Submersible Pump

    I can highly recommend! Ordered the Maxima 18000 Waste Water Pump, which was delivery very quickly. Pump works as expected. I mainly use it in drainage pits, where the pump operates several times per hour to keep groundwater below the designated level.
    | 5/12/2015 | Review by

    Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump

    Ordered a Maxima 18000 Submersible Dirty Water Pump for draining excess water from a hole that was dug to create a pond. Delivered nicely on time and works great.
    | 3/12/2015 | Review by

    Float not reliable

    Nice pump, high flow rate. It is great that it also pumps small gravel. We use it to transfer the contents of an in-between reservoir into a settling tank. It's a disadvantage that the float is unreliable: when it goes up, you can hear the falling weight move, but the pump won't switch on. Result: a flooded in-between reservoir.
    | 2/15/2015 | Review by


    Browsed the entire Internet, and this pump is a real bargain. Very pleased with the pump and speedy delivery. Can only recommend it if a reasonable amount of water needs to be drained. I put it in a canal. Don't buy it if you only need to drain a few hundred litres a year from your pond.
    | 2/10/2015 | Review by

    Nice pump

    Pump muddy water with it twice a week. Great pump. Am very pleased with it.
    | 1/28/2015 | Review by

    Good pump, good price

    Very pleased, and everything works great!
    | 1/12/2015 | Review by

    Perfect pump

    This pump is adequate and delivery was super quick.
    | 12/8/2014 | Review by

    Submersible pump

    Speedy delivery and works great
    | 12/4/2014 | Review by

    Submersible pump

    Use it in my hot tub for mixing water so that the entire tub has the same temperature. It's a simple but efficient device.
    | 10/23/2014 | Review by

    Submersible pump

    Ordered on Friday evening, delivered next day at 3 p.m. Super quick. So far, the pump performs well, even at a height of 4 metres. It only starts at a certain height. A good price-quality ratio considering what other suppliers charge.
    | 10/17/2014 | Review by

    Water well empty again

    I'm very pleased with this water pump and surprised that it had drained my water well so quickly.
    For the moment, very pleased.
    | 9/30/2014 | Review by

    Water pump

    Good, solid pump but struggles with sludge.
    | 9/14/2014 | Review by

    A true dirty water pump

    Ordered two pumps that were delivered within the stated time. Connected it to the construction hose and started pumping. The sump pit was empty in a matter of minutes, which took the current pump much longer. The delivery head and length of the drain hose were no problem whatsoever.
    | 9/8/2014 | Review by

    MAXIMA 18000

    Maxima 18000 Waste Water Pump: excellent value for money! Pumps water as expected, but 18,000 litres per hour, really? I have my doubts. Nevertheless, an excellent pump for the price.

    Reply from

    Dear Carl, thank you for your review. The pump has a maximum capacity of 18,000 litres per hour. That is to say, at a head rate of 0 m and a connected hose with an internal diameter of 1.5" of larger. Of course, you may always connect a thinner hose, but do bare in mind that this may result in a loss of capacity due to pipe resistance..

    | 9/4/2014 | Review by

    Submersible pump

    Ordered today, delivered next day. Great! We have highly ferrous groundwater under our house. 'Went through' three industrial pumps in 35 years. Now chose your pump. Curious how long this one will last. So far it works fine.
    | 9/4/2014 | Review by


    I'm very pleased. Thanks for the speedy delivery. My pump works great.
    | 7/7/2014 | Review by

    Affordable quality

    Next day delivery! Pump is used for pond water. Initially struggled a bit, stopped, and then continued after a while again. This was partly due to the level of contamination. The 18,000 litres per hour weren't reached. It took at least six hours. One downside is the high level of water the pump needs in order to be able to draw water. But it serves the purpose for us.
    | 3/19/2014 | Review by

    Finally, a perfect pump

    Colleagues don't always provide useful information, but this time their advice worked out fine for me. This pump serves the purpose and delivery was super quick. I had some trouble attaching the accompanying hose with the connector. Pump is highly recommended. At the moment no longer in stock, which is positive (excellent pump).
    | 1/1/2014 | Review by

    Permanent setup

    A couple of months ago, I bought this pump here. It has become a permanent part of my equipment. Really handy and practical in many situations. Often also help others who don't have one, and they benefit from mine. Having a water pump is a real must.
    | 11/20/2013 | Review by

    Puddle pump

    Handy pump. Use it for many things in and around the house. The only disadvantage is that it can't be used as a puddle pump. Good and fast delivery.
    | 10/15/2013 | Review by

    puddle sucker pump

    Handy pump. Often use it in and around my house. The only negative is that it doesn't function like a puddle sucker pump. Excellent and fast delivery.
    | 8/14/2013 | Review by


    Great quality, despite some starting problems with solids and clogging. Job's been done well.
    | 4/19/2012 | Review by
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    Frequently asked questions of the TIP Maxima 18000

    Frequently asked questions

    How does a float work and what can I do with it?
    A float ensures that your pump switches on and off automatically at a certain water level. This is very practical if you want to use the pump in frequently flooded spaces, because with a float the pump does not need to be switched on and off each time the space is flooded. If you want to use the pump manually, the float should be raised or fastened with a piece of rope or tape.

    At what water level does the pump switch on/off automatically when the float is used?
    This submersible pump switches on automatically at a water level of 390 mm and off at a water level of 200 mm. To ensure that the entire space does not maintain a water level of 200 mm after the pump automatically switches off, the device is often placed in a sump pit. This ensures that the pump is situated lower in the space, so that the device continues pumping until a water level of 200 mm has been reached in the sump pit. In this way, the rest of the space is pumped practically dry, with only some water left in the pit.

    In what situations can I use this pump?
    This pump is suitable in the following situations:

    • for draining a cellar and/or crawl space
    • in a permanent setup, for example, to automatically drain a cellar/crawl space once the water level has been reached
    • for draining a basin
    • for draining a swimming pool
    • for draining a pond or ditch
    • for draining a construction pit and other wastewater sources.

    What is the difference between the Maxima 18000, the DAB NOVA 300 M-A, and the DAB FEKA 600 M-A?

    • The Maxima 18000 is a starter model for pumping dirty water that can be used in almost any situation involving wastewater. This pump is also available with a higher pump capacity: namely, the Maxima 24000, which can process 24,000 litres per hour.
    • The DAB NOVA 300 M-A is a dirty water pump suitable for slightly smaller solids (up to 10 mm). As a result, this pump can be particularly useful for flooded cellars/crawl spaces that contain just a little more sand or gravel.
    • Of all four models, the DAB FEKA 600 M-A is the most advanced and robust dirty water pump. Owing to its robustness and internal technology, this submersible pump can be used, for example, as a faecal pump in a manure pit or sewer system.

    Can this pump be set up in small spaces?
    This pump requires a space with a minimum diameter of 25 centimetres and can therefore be set up practically anywhere.

    Is the pump supplied ready for use?
    Yes, this pump is supplied with every component needed for immediate use. You only need to attach a discharge hose to transport the drained water to a particular location. The discharge hose in our product range is suitable for this pump.

    What items does this kit include?

    • Maxima 18000 Submersible Pump
    • Two connecting pieces
    • Adapter
    • Manual
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    Manuals of the TIP Maxima 18000

    Click here for the TIP Maxima 18000 manual

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