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Grundfos MQ3-35

    • Grundfos MQ 3-35 Booster Pump

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    Description of the Grundfos MQ3-35

    Brief specifications

    • Pump capacity 4,000 l/h
    • Head rate 34 m / Pressure 3,4 bar
    • Automatically switches on and off + protected against dry-running
    • Silent and suitable for continuous use.
    • Suitable for irrigation / rainwater reuse

    Pros and cons

    • Absolute best quality
    • Can operate continuously
    • Low noise
    • Dry-run protection
    • Integrated pump controls
    • Space-saving
    • Is resistant against rust and limescale
    • High reliability
    • Small tank for water storage

    The Grundfos MQ booster pump is a compact water supply system and has been designed for homes and agricultural and horticultural applications. It is a very compact water supply system and consists of a pump, motor, pressure vessel, and a controller. All components have been combined in an integral unit. The pressure boosting pump is self-priming and has a check valve on the inlet side. It has a built-in protection against overloading and overheating of the motor. In addition, this booster pump has dry-run protection. Thanks to its very silent operation (54dB), the pump can certainly be installed in a house.

    The Grundfos MQ comes in two different versions:
    Grundfos MQ3-35
    Grundfos MQ3-45

    Suitable for drinking water
    Are you interested in the Grundfos booster pump? It is a great choice, as it is suitable for drinking water and has a wide range of applications. The pump is used as a booster pump for supply tanks (maximum inlet pressure 3 bar) and for instance, for pumping from a water source (maximum suction height of 8 metres. You can easily install and configure this pump. It is easy to connect because of the adjustable direction of the delivery connector. The simple control panel has a start/stop button as well as indicator lights to show the status. Be aware, since this booster is self-priming, it can also pump air. If you plan to use the Grundfos booster pump on a drinking water system, you need to install backflow protection on the pump in accordance with the Vewin requirements. Please contact us for this. This guarantees the quality of the drinking water.

    Protection system
    What's great about this pump is that it has an automatic restart function. If it is running dry or encounters another malfunction, the pump will stop automatically. The pump will attempt to restart every thirty minutes for a 24-hour period. Thanks to the innovative leakage detector, the pump will tell you if it has detected a leak. The built-in pressure vessel will limit the number of times it switches on and off. This limits unnecessary wear of your pump

    The MQ pump has been designed for water supply and pressure boosting and is suitable for use:

    • in homes
    • in holiday and weekend homes
    • on farms
    • in kitchen gardens and large gardens.

    This pump is suitable for pumping drinking water and rainwater.

    Characteristics and advantages

    • All-in-one pressure boosting unit
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to operate
    • Self-priming
    • Dry running protection
    • Low noise
    • Low maintenance


    Types of water this product can pump

    Yield table

      • 34 meter
      • 30 meter
      • 1.000 liter p/u
      • 25 meter
      • 2.000 liter p/u
      • 20 meter
      • 2.750 liter p/u
      • 15 meter
      • 3.400 liter p/u
      • 10 meter
      • 4.000 liter p/u
      • 5 meter
      • 4.000 liter p/u
      • 0 meter
      • 4.000 liter p/u
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    Specifications of the Grundfos MQ3-35

    General information

    • - Grundfos MQ 3-35 Booster Pump
      - Cable connection 2 m
      - Manual
    • Grundfos
    • 2 year warranty
    • 5700396722504

    Physical specifications

    • 1"
    • 1"
    • Technopolymer and stainless steel
    • 13,1 kg
    • 57 x 21,8 x 32 cm

    Technical information

    • 230 Volt
    • 850 Watt
    • 55 dB
    • 0°C - 35°C
    • 2 m


    • Booster pump
    • 4,000 l/h
    • 34 m / max. 3,4 bar output
    • 8 m
    • Max. 4 pieces

    Types of water this product can pump

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    Manuals of the Grundfos MQ3-35

    Click here for the Grundfos MQ3-35 manual

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