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DAB Aquajet 112 M

    • DAB Aquajet 112 M Booster Pump

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    Description of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

    Brief specifications

    • Pump capacity 3,400 l/h
    • Delivery head 62 m / Pressure 6,2 bar
    • Switches on/off automatically
    • Suitable for continuous use (> 3 hours)
    • Provides pressure and capacity of an average of 4 sprinklers

    Pros and cons

    • Switches on/off automatically
    • Can run continuously
    • Very robust (cast iron)
    • High operational reliability
    • Including tank; handy for supplying a toilet or an irrigation tube
    • Not suitable for drinking water
    • Heavy weight

    The DAB Aquajet 112 M water pressure boosting pump is suitable for increasing pressure in your water pipes, for supplying water (e.g. rainwater for the toilet or for cleaning), or for using water from wells and tanks for irrigation purposes. Thanks to its water tank, the pump does not constantly switch on/off, which means that it is more energy efficient and less power is being used. The pre-assembled pump comes with a 20-litre tank and a pump-connection kit. The pump is ready for immediate use, and, owing to its compact setup, is also suitable for small spaces.


    • Provides sufficient pressure and capacity for about four sprinklers
    • The hose that can be used for this pump has a diameter of 1" for the delivery connection and 1" for the suction connection
    • Draws water from a maximum depth of 8 metres
    • The maximum delivery head is 62 metres, which equals 6.2 bar output

    Contents of the kit

    • DAB Aquajet 112 M Booster Pump
    • Manual


    Types of water this product can pump

    Yield table

      • 62 meter
      • 60 meter
      • 100 liter p/u
      • 55 meter
      • 550 liter p/u
      • 50 meter
      • 1.150 liter p/u
      • 45 meter
      • 1.700 liter p/u
      • 40 meter
      • 2.300 liter p/u
      • 35 meter
      • 2.950 liter p/u
      • 30 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
      • 25 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
      • 20 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
      • 15 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
      • 10 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
      • 5 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
      • 0 meter
      • 3.500 liter p/u
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    Specifications of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

    General information

    • - DAB Aquajet 112 M Booster pump
      - Manual
    • DAB
    • 2 year warranty
    • 8059893021892

    Physical specifications

    • Cast iron pump housing, stainless steel pressure vessel
    • 21 kg

    Technical information

    • 230 Volt
    • 1000 Watt
    • 67 - 87 dB
    • 0°C – 35°C


    • 3,400 l/h
    • 62 m / Pressure 6.2 bar

    Types of water this product can pump

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    Versions of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

    Accessories of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

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    Reviews of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

    DAB Aquajet 112 M

    Prima pomp. Toen mijn vorige (DAB 82 M) defect ging na meer dan 10 jaar probleemloze dienst ( startcondensator stuk en pomp is daardoor in de verkeerde richting gestart en heeft de waaier vernield) heb ik me deze aangeschaft. Een goede keus bleek daarna. De hogere druk laat de tuinsproeier merkelijk verder spuiten. De druk blijft op 4,7 bar terwijl hij vroeger ineen zakte tot zowat 2,6 bar. Dus zeer tevreden.
    | 11/17/2016 | Review by
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    Frequently asked questions of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the advantage of a booster pump versus a garden pump?
    A booster pump is essentially a garden pump with a number of extra components, such as:

    • An integrated pressure switch, which ensures that the pump switches on or off automatically if water supply is needed.
    • A pressure vessel (water tank), which ensures that you instantly have water at your disposal, and the pump does not need to switch on until the water in the pressure vessel starts to run low.

    As a result, the booster pump does not need to switch on if only small amounts of water (a few litres) are needed.
    First the water from the pressure vessel is used and supplied where it is required.
    As soon as the water level in the pressure vessel is about to drop too low, the pump switches on automatically to refill it.
    As well as saving energy, the system runs much more quietly, and ensures that you always have water instantly at your disposal.

    What can I use this pump for?
    This pump is suitable for the following purposes:

    • Watering, spraying, and irrigating a garden or lawn
    • Hosing down a terrace, decking or garden furniture
    • Supplying water/rainwater for your washing machine, toilet, sink, shower, etc.
    • Increasing water pressure in your water pipes

    Can this pump be connected to the existing mains water pipes in my house?
    Yes, this pump can be connected to the existing mains water pipes in your house. However, this is not recommended, because the pump’s high-pressure output is not controllable. For the most suitable system, opt for the DAB e.sybox mini.

    What kind of water can I pump with this model?
    The DAB Aquajet 112 M is only suitable to pump clean water, i.e. water that is free from very large solid particles (< 2 mm).
    This means that you can also pump water from a canal or ditch, but subject to certain conditions:

    • We recommend making use of a pre-filter (this allows for extra filtering before the water enters the pump).

    In addition, the water should not be colder than 0°C and not warmer than 35°C.

    Is the pump suitable for continuous operation?
    Yes, this pump is perfect for continuous operation.

    Is it advisable to use a pre-filter?
    If the water is virtually the same as drinking water, no pre-filter is needed.
    However, if the water pumped contains solids - for example, water from a ditch or canal - we recommend using a pre-filter.

    How should the pump be installed?
    The pump and the entire connected system need to be protected against frost and inclement weather conditions.
    Therefore, place the pump in a dry location with an ambient temperature from 5°C to 40°C, to allow the motor to cool sufficiently.
    Furthermore, all connected pipes must be absolutely watertight and airtight to prevent damage and loss of performance.

    The water to be drawn in by the pump is situated at a level lower than nine metres. How do I handle this?
    Generally, garden pumps and booster pumps can draw in water from a maximum depth of nine metres.
    If the water is occasionally at a depth lower than nine metres, you will need to use a borehole pump, which is placed in the well and usually has a delivery head of 50 metres and over.
    Check our range of borehole pumps.

    What happens if the water from the source is finished?
    This is a water-cooled model pump, which means that it cools itself with the water it pumps.
    When the water from the source is finished - for example, if the water level has dropped below nine metres - the pump will usually keep running with no water supply.
    This is referred to as 'dry running' and may cause the pump to become overheated, which could ruin it.

    This pump is not fitted with a dry-running protection system, which can be ordered separately. Please refer to the dry-running protection system.

    Is the pump suitable for a drinking-water system?
    No, the pump is not suitable for a drinking-water system.

    Is the pump supplied ready to use?
    Yes, you can start using the pump immediately.
    Click here for available accessories for the DAB Aquajet 112 M.

    What items does this kit include?

    • DAB Aquajet 112 M
    • Manual
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    Manuals of the DAB Aquajet 112 M

    Click here for the DAB Aquajet 112 M manual

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